FSM - Jörg Braband
FSM was founded as a development, production
and distribution company in 2004.

The distribution currently includes:
  • Breweries,
  • Fittings,
  • UV water treatment plants,
  • Most processing plants,
  • Chisel and
  • Special pliers
made in Germany.

Our small efficient brewing equipment from our own development is suitable for amateur brewers and pubs. Highlight is the patented brewing system type BBE. It is the smallest footprint universal and flexible. Per 80 liters of mash brewing gear are recognized. It allows up to 5 brews per day. So you can make this small investment up to 400 liters of wort per day. If this performance can be achieved on several days a week, a larger facility is useful to stop a crowd of 200, 500 or 600 liters.

Our long experience in the field of research and development allows us to develop and offer:

  • Bottling and keg filling,
  • Washing machines for bottles and kegs,
  • Brewing equipment to customer and
  • Special containers with appropriate controls

according to the customer requirements.