Filling device for bottles, siphons and 5 - liter cans

Power: 100 bottles / hr.
30 traps / hr
20 cans / hr

• Revised frame, if desired mobile available with up to three filling systems
· Cylinder with base plate and splinter protection
· Compartment with riser
· Fall pipe to different bottle sizes adjustable
· Beer tap and sparkling lantern
° pretention valve
· Needle throttle valve and pressure gauge for air regulation
· Differential
· Filling stop with trigger
· State area to knock the cans seals

· Siphon, bottle or can build on lifting plate, lift cylinder press
° pretention valve open after reaching the preload pressure valve
  and beer on the tap
• Differential pressure gauge with a needle and throttle setting
· Filling by filling stop
· Beer tap close
· System Vent
· Cylinders exit
Flaschenfueller fuer Bier

The switch to cans or bottles is done by simply inserting reducers on the bottle plates.
The riser is adjustable and is set on the bottles or cans of ground.
The filling takes place under layering.

Also available:
Stand for a Co2 bottle light bar for level control. To use cleaning system
As 2, 4 and 6 Kopffülleinrichtung available.
Backpressure Linearfüllanlage for bottles and 4 with 2 filling heads

The filler is suitable for all bottled carbonated beverages such as champagne, soft drinks, beer, and bottled mineral water.
The counter-pressure filler for glass and PET bottles with 0.5 (0.33) suitable up to 1.5 liters. It is characterized by a simple adjusting principle for different bottle sizes. All bottles stand areas are adjusted in height together on the respective bottle size, by means of a movable bridge, which is performed on two Arretierugsleisten.

All parts of the filler are in contact with the drinks made of stainless steel.


The bottles are slightly tilted by hand on the plunger of the respective filling placed. By actuating the clamping lever, the bottle against the seal of each filling head is pressed. The protective plexiglass front is closed.
The Füllhebel is pressed. The filling process begins.
If the bottle is filled, the filling process is completed automatically.
The bottle is taken out and sealed.
Performance parameters:

Backpressure Linearfüllanlage with 2 filling heads
depending on bottle size 100 to 150 bottles / h

Gegendruckfüllanlage with 4 filling heads
depending on bottle size 200-300 bottles / h

System with 2 filling heads
Width:700 mm Height: 930 mm
Depth: 600 mm
System with 4 filling heads
Width: 1250 mm Height: 930 mm
Depth: 600 mm

Handfülleinrichtung for kegs of all sizes
Performance: 5 to 10 kegs
Order no. : 117018-030101

Handfüllsystem with:
· Converted, in the inlet cross-section optimized keg
· Beer tap
· Needle throttle valve
° pretention valve
· Pressure gauge
· Absperrschwimmerkugel with Extractor

· Wall bracket and hanger with cleaning device

The filling head is a converted keg. Is filled with layering through the riser pipe. The air escapes through the Co2 valve. Through a needle valve and a pressure gauge, the desired pressure difference between beer and exhaust pipe can be adjusted. The keg is filled, beer enters the exhaust system and the float closes the exhaust pipe.

· Couple the filling head to the fitting.
° pretention valve opening pressure and preload on beer.
° pretention valve and beer tap.
· About needle gauge and choke differential pressure (eg 0.3 bar) set.
· Is the keg full, the float closes the exhaust port.
· Close uncouple beer tap and fill head.
· Swimming bullet Extractor solve the seat.

The filling heads are not needed, they can be hung on wall brackets, which also serves as a cleaning device.
If the CEC, purified using a keg cleaning machine, the preload can be performed directly on the machine.

This has the following advantages:
Faster filling (preload omitted)
Examination of the preload pressure when coupling, leaky keg material is detected