Brewing like a professional.

Our brewing systems allow the brewing of beer, according to the traditional brewing methods,
how it is used in every German brewery.
Beer brewing after the German purity law with water, malt and hops.
You can also benefit from the extensive possibilities of brewing. Differentiate yourself by your own beer.

Our brewing equipment allows the brewing of beer, according to your own wishes and ideas of taste. Make your very own beer ago. Detailed guides to each of our facilities and an extensive recipe collection you can buy from us.


Individual production of brewing equipment:

You have very specific ideas as to the properties look like your brewing equipment and should be? You would like your own brewing equipment? No problem, we will produce a brewing system to your needs and match them to the room acoustics.

Our Services:

  • Advice on the use of our standard brewing systems designed for you and the brewing equipment
  • Individual project preparation for the installation and connection of our brewing equipment
  • Upon request, design, construction and renovation of guest rooms, brew rooms, cold rooms and store rooms
  • Delivery and installation of brewing equipment and accessories, assembly of the brewing equipment and accessories Individual brewing seminars