Cleaning of kegs with screwed tubing, cleaning of bulbous metal and wooden barrels up to 50 liters, cleaning of bottles and Biersiphons

180 bottles / hr.

• cleaning machine in modern cabin design
• Cab with manual folding door
• Built-in steam-heated detergent tank
• Thermostat and condensate grown
• Alternatively, electrical heating
• Stainless steel pump priming on screen box
• Injection pressure gauge for monitoring
• Thermometer for temperature control
• Separation of the media by spraying pneumatically actuated flap separating
• Piston-controlled media Valves
• Interior and exterior cleaning of drums and belly Biersiphons
• CEC-cleaning by washing handbedientem head keg cleaning
• CEC-treatment process in the interval
• test of washing cycles with pressure switch
• Controlled by Siemens PLC S7
• 3 wash programs programmed
• Cab, fixtures, frames, wash head, pipes and fittings made of stainless steel at least 1.4301 (V2A)

Cleaning programs barrels and bottles

First Vorspritzung with cold water
Second Expelling water pre-injection
Third Detergents (In circulation from the tub)
4th Expelling cleaner
5th Hot water
6th Hot water sprout
7th Cold water injection

Cleaning program kegs

First Rest of cast beers
Second Vorspritzung at intervals with cold water
Third Expelling water pre-injection
4th Cleaning agent in the interval
5th Expelling cleaner
6th Hot water in the interval
7 hot water sprout
8th Hot water in the interval
9thHot water boiler (air)
10 vapors (only if available)
11th Condensate cast (only if damping on)

Sterile air 1bar / 1.5 m3/hr.
10 liters of cold water / wash
5 liters of hot water / wash
Total power with steam heating 3 kW
With electric heating 19 kW
Noise level 70 dBA