Club "Saxon Train Station" in Gera Günter Stemmler is brewing with a Bravolage BBO 200-2-0 PT from FSM from June 2015 Link to the ad Bracket BBO 200-2-0 PT 5 Brewer AG Kaiserslauter brews with a BBO 100-2-0 B3 from the FSM old The Brau-AG and the new BCI course on RPR1  Grünes Bier of the Brau-AG Kaiserslautern (something else) The Brau-AG of the Technical University Kaiserslautern "Lautrer Kaiserbrauer" was created from an idea of ​​employees of the teaching area for bioprocess engineering. With a view to the upcoming 2nd International Brewing Competition 2011 on 26th - 29th November 2011, interested students, doctoral candidates, co-workers and lecturers were quickly attracted to this project. Every week, meetings are held to work on beer recipes and different ideas, for breweries in smaller (10 L) and larger (70-100 L) scale and to be cozy together. The group can rely on its own fermentation plant to produce a maximum of 100 L beer per brewery, consisting of a mash / brew tank, a lauter / fermenting digester and an automatic B3 temperature / time control of the FSM. Specialties brewery Optima Cervisia KG The specialty brewery Optima Cervisia KG was founded in the summer of 2009 and has since pursued the goal of brewing and bringing to the table traditional breweries, which are also less frequently encountered here, in the highest quality. It is brewed with a BBO 200-3 B4 from the FSM and the water of the region, so that the brand name "Lafnitztaler" expresses the whole freshness and vitality of this water, which is reflected in the taste of the beers. The shareholders Paul Bacon, Georg Fritsch and Klaus Werner regard beer brewing as an act of self-realization and deduce from it their quality requirements, with which each individual offered beer type is developed and finally brewed.