Regeneration of PFPE fluids
In a multistage process, the fluids, which are distributed under the brand name Fomblin, Krytox fluid or Klüber Tyreno be processed carefully. This pump oils, which are charged according to the usage of various reactive, abrasive, and toxic substances contain these substances as particles, emulsified or dissolved form. Easy

Cleaning methods, such asFiltration and adsorption, are indeed suitable for life extension of the oil in the pump, but can not completely clean oil contaminated complex.

The recycling process includes several steps of the first fumigation, extraction, and sedimentation, for all pollutants, both organic and inorganic nature, the value of PFPE material - separating oil. In one method, the branch thus separated contaminants are either destroyed by oxidative treatment (organic contaminants) or separated and collected in different fractions and fed into the disposal. The pre-treated PFPE oil is purified in a further process steps on the branch vacuum treatment, filtration and adsorption of destroyed parts of the PFPE, gases, particles and other impurities and then made up the rest.