We offer products and services to the entire range
of UV technology
Equipment for UV disinfection

  • ABOX S ® Standard systems
  • C ABOX ® Certified Systems
  • ABOX ® Approved by GL Germanischer Lloyd
  • M ABOX ® dip tube and air modules
  • ABOX ® TF thin-film systems horticultural systems
  • WHAT ABOX ® Compact unit double filter - UV
  • Equipment for photo-oxidation (UV oxidation)
  • ABOX ® P photo-oxidation system
  • ABOX ® TOC TOC reduction systems for
  • UV air treatment
  • ABOX ® GP systems for exhaust air treatment
  • UV system ABOX S

The UV-monitoring sensors are part of all ABOX ® C - systems.
For all other ABOX UV systems, UV-monitoring is also optionally available.
Their advantages for the decision to ABOX ® UV systems:

  • State of the art technological materials
    and components, according to EU directives
  • Type tested and certified single UV system
    ABOX ® C series ÖNORM M 5873-1:2001, according to the certified approved
    UV system and TVO series
  • ABOX ® GL, Germanischer Lloyd approved
    for contact with food according to LMG small
    systems and standard systems from stock
    or short delivery times
  • Certified quality management system for the
    development, manufacture and sales
    according to DIN EN ISO 9001:20